Hotel Berghof

To the Austrian Alps Breathtaking views

The Grossglockner is an hour's drive from the Hotel Berghof.


The Großglockner High Alpine Road has been an incomparable experience for around 50 million visitors since 1935. The most famous alpine road with its 48 kilometers and 36 hairpin bends ends in front of the highlight of The Hohe Tauern National Park: the highest mountain and the largest glacier in Austria, The Großglockner (3,798 m) and The Pasterze.


During the ascent over the Hochtor (2,500 m), you overcome 1,500 meters in altitude to Franz-Josefs-Höhe and thus all vegetation zones in the Alps - from summer grain fields to eternal ice.

Hotel BerghofHotel Berghof

Großglockner (3.798 m)

Once you arrive, enjoy a break with a breathtaking view of the glacier tongue from Austria's highest peak. From the Swarovski Observatory you have a beautiful view of the Pasterze.


If you hear 'something' whistling here, whistle back and look for marmots. Especially on the Glockner they are very tame and sometimes they come to the people.


On the return journey, a stop will take place at Zell am See, where you will have the opportunity to taste the rustic Salzburg pastries and stroll along the beautifully situated lake.

Hotel BerghofHotel Berghof